Reviews Money Savings Blueprint: Slash Hundreds From Your Bills Every Month

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Money Savings Blueprint: Slash Hundreds From Your Bills Every Month Description

Reviews *** Amazon #1 Bestseller in two Personal Finance categories ***

“This is a great no nonsense book on how everyone can save money.Unlike other books which concentrate on theory, Bryans book concentrates on practical ways to cut costs without adversely affecting the quality of the family lifestyle.” – Avidreader

“Bryan shares some very practical tips in this book that when applied can help you start saving money each month. I especially appreciated his detailed instructions on how to save money on your TV and phone bills with the links and resources he provided.” – Shelley

“If you are wanting or needing to save money, get this book and most importantly, apply the principles discussed within its covers. You can save a significant amount of cash if you apply all the ideas Bryan shares.” – Marg

“What I like about this book is how specific and actionable it is. The author carefully lists most of the common expenses in a household such as cable, phone, electricity and food and gives great suggestions on how you can save money in all of them.” – Paul

Product Description

– Are you struggling in this recession?

– Are you being kept awake at night worrying how you’re going to pay the next round of bills?

Admittedly saving money isn’t the most exciting subject in the world. However in an economic downturn such as the one we’re all currently going through… saving as much money as possible makes perfect sense. Money saved which can be better spent to help you keep on top of everything and in control of your monthly expenses.

Each of the steps detailed in this book are all actions that the author implemented together with his wife in their family. And in doing so… they’re saving close to $10,000 per year! Just by making some tweaks here and there to their family finances.

This guide is different from other advice you may find online. Most sites simply list areas to reduce expenses and then send you on your merry way. Unfortunately, these lists never give you detailed instructions on how to actually achieve these cost-cutting benefits. It’s like sitting down for a meal consisting of ice chips… after finishing the meal, you haven’t satisfied your hunger and have wasted valuable time.

Money Savings Blueprint is packed with 17 practical and proven ways to save hundreds of dollars each month. At your own pace, in the comfort of your own home you can have this highly valuable book that shows you how you can…

– Dramatically slash or eliminate four different home utility bills

– Reduce how much of your hard earned money is paid into local government coffers

– Discover the surprising ways you overspend on food both at home and when dining out

– Uncover the overlooked ways to save on cell phone plans

– Learn how advances in technology can help put more money in your pocket every month

– Think outside the box in order to save with your motor vehicles

– Apply the cost cutting trick that 85% of people fail to do

Pickup your copy today!

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